Host IHP apps + more on NixOS machines

Declarative, immutable server configuration pre-configured with NixOS for quick bootstrapping.

Simple provisioning and deployment with the benefits of self-hosting, using providers like DigitalOcean.

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Convenient server presets
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Develop faster, deploy faster

Streamline your entire development workflow

With the power of the Nix package manager and NixOS, we are able to provide an integrated development environment and DevOps solution in a way you can fully customize.

Convenient starter projects

We generate starter projects for you with an integrated development and deployment workflow.

Automate deploys

With deployment webhooks, you can trigger builds programmatically and let us handle the rest.

SSH access

Preload your SSH keys before creating your servers and easily log in to your server console.

DevOps as a function

Nix gives you a fully integrated, functional language to configure databases, services and system packages.

Integrated with top server providers

We currently support DigitalOcean and will ship automated integrations for more server providers soon.

Multi-factor authentication

We follow OWASP standards so you can have a great developer experience with security built in.