Public roadmap

Upcoming features

TOP💡 IdeaMake separate section for deployment webhook with better explanation and link to docs
TOP💡 IdeaS3 postgres backup tutorial for IHP
TOP💡 IdeaShipnix Breeze, managed NixOS config for IHP
HIGH🔨 BuildingShipnix blog
HIGH💡 IdeaMake support ticket system
MEDIUM📔 PlanningAdd Vultr integration
MEDIUM💡 IdeaAdd AWS integration
LOW💡 IdeaEnable hardware key authentication

Shipped features

✅ ShippedHave created repo be visible as soon as it's created, not first when the server is done provisioning
✅ ShippedAdd timestamps in UTC time
✅ ShippedAdd links widget
✅ ShippedMerge DigitalOcean images into server providers page
✅ ShippedDedicated Git page
✅ ShippedBusiness plan